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Welcome to the Gallery section of Dragon Press Graphics. A lot of the artwork in here are commissions, which I find important to show because it can often showcase abilities and skills that you have, but that your normal works may not completely convey...

These Galleries have returned to a simpler layout. Except for some rare exceptions, the art is seperated only by the year they were made rather than by the medium or subject matter. Medium wise, you'll find that there are ink pictures, watercolors with ink, digital color with ink and many of my most recent graphite pieces. Subject wise, you'll note a predisposition for doing portraits and landscapes from photos, as well as fantasy pieces and a few fanart pieces. Since I am usually commissioned for the fanart, most of my fanart pieces are relegated to my DeviantArt site.

You may find some of these for sale as prints at any of the conventions I go to, or on my Etsy shop. If something is not available, it is most likely due to having been a commission. But there is always the possibilty of making something available should you express an interest. Some commissioners do not mind sharing, as long as they have the original, so please feel free to shoot me an email.

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