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This page is a sort of experiment. It will list All my comic projects both past, and present. One shots, or currently ongoing.

This means that you MAY see some quite terrible art here. But I hope that it will be enjoyable anyway. These are here for several reasons - one to collect all my comics in one place. Two, to help promote them and three - to show other artists that they shouldn't give up! Look at the older pieces and then some of my newer ones and you won't believe the difference.

  • The Bards Comic :

    Otherwise known as The Brobdingnagian Bards Adventures Comics, which follow the adventures - both real and imagined (mostly imagined, as the main background of this comic is Fantasy based) - of a real life musical duo: Marc Gunn and Andrew McKee.

    • Comic Type: Strip
    • Comic Style: Black and White (Lineart Now, but earlier works in Greyscale toning)
    • Comic Setting: Mostly Fantasy
    • Comic Run: August 2002 to Present

  • Snapshots:

    It was bound to show up. Every comic strip artist probably has a few in their closet if they didn't just put it straight out to the public. These short stories all centered around life at my college. Though I based all on real life events, I did try to emphasize or twist certain bits to make them comedic.

    The biggest danger of the Comic Artist is LACK OF SUBJECT Matter.

    Seriously. You can overcome problems like layout issues, poor art, bad timing, as long as you have something to practice on. For me, this was it.

    Since there IS rather a lot of it, I'm going to put it all up, in its original glory, a little at at ime. So you might as well call this an ongoing strip once I get it going.

    • Comic Type: Page
    • Comic Style: Black and White (Lineart)
    • Comic Setting: College Life
    • Comic Run: 1998-1999 (Currently Ongoing)
  • As the Umbra Turns:

    This is a remake of one of the FIRST comics I ever put together. Based on the world of Whitewolf RPG systems, this story concept was brought about by a late night at the college where a chance mishearing of a group of words inspired me to write a dialogue between our campaign characters.

    Later, when needing subject matter for a practice comic, I used this dialogue (Round about 1997/98). Still later, when I'd improved some, I decided it had some good layout/drawing elements but the art needed some work and so I REDREW all the pages (Round about 2002 - 2004) and that is what you see here.

    If you'd like to see the OLD pages for comparison, here you go, but just remember, I warned you! Original Incarnation

    • Comic Type: Page
    • Comic Style: Black and White (Greyscale toning)
    • Comic Setting: The World of Whitewolf
    • Comic Run: 9 pages (One Shot)
  • Kame Haus Projekts:

    This was a 'doujinshi' book of gathered artists run by several of my friends. I entered 2 pieces into the first book (which was the only one ever completed) but never actually saw the book itself.

    One story was done completely by me and the other was written by a friend and drawn by me. The limit was 3 pages, and you can see a complete difference in writing style and how it'll affect the layout of a comic.

    • Comic Type: Page
    • Comic Style: Black and White (Lineart)
    • Comic Setting: Real Life - mostly
    • Comic Run: 6 pages (all told) both One Shots of 3 pages each (Round about 2004/5)
  • Future Project #1: Outcasts

    You'll forgive if I don't put too much information about this one online just yet. I've been working on the script for book 1 for this (since this is a finite project) for the last 3 years. I've finally finished the base and I'm currently going back through it with a fine tooth comb to check for discrepencies, inconsistincies, etc.

    I don't like the idea of starting a story at one end, and totally mucking it up when i get to the end. The narration of the story came out so nicely that I think I may pitch it as a novel first, and then take my time and leisure to put it into graphic form.

    • Comic Type: Page
    • Comic Style: Black and White (Lineart)
    • Comic Setting: Fantasy in another World
    • Comic Run: Planned - 3 full 'books/story arcs'
    • Future Project #2

      No title as of yet

      This is a collaboration effort thats been in the works for the last year. The writer is a VERY good friend of mine whose creativity comes in fits and spurts. In fact, the writer for this story is none other than Paige Mckee who once wrote "Neon Umbra". (I don't think its online anywhere, anymore, which is too bad...)

      At this moment, i've got a base of the world and the main characters so i can start doing designs, but she's still working out the first story.

      • Comic Type: Page
      • Comic Style: Black and White (Lineart)
      • Comic Setting: Earth - Future: Fantasy after a Collapse of Science
      • Comic Run: unknown at this time
    All work herein copyrighted 2001 by Nikki O'Shea