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Cinema 6 - Wicked North Games Artwork:

I'm just one of the MANY artists working with Wicked North Games. My style is not always what they are looking for either, so not everything I do gets used, but this page will hold a bunch of the stuff I have worked on for them for multiple platforms.

And anything NOT used by them, has possibilities to be reinvested into new projects later by me.

Remember to check out their website - Cinema6 RPG - for the core book, and any of the worlds and realms that spring up from it.

All Logos:

Azamar Specific:



Anyone who's already gotten a copy of Westward knows that my work wasn't used at all (though I did write a short excerpt). These were supposed to be borders for different chapters, and I have no idea with that fancy gear was going to be, but for some reason none of it was used. (What they did get was Beautiful though, so no arguments there from me.)

The intent was to put these on a background to make them look old parchmenty kinda thing, and I'm thinking I might do that anyway to make Stationary.

All work herein copyrighted 2001 by Nikki O'Shea