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This album is complete - 15 new images have been added (most recent are at the top of the page.

Also, Please note 2 things:

  • My scanner and I are fighting right now. It was really bad for a while, so that some of the commissions I have done were only recorded by photo before they went to their new owners, this is why the quality of lighting is off on some of the pictures,
  • That I have purchased my very first tablet - an Intuos Pen and Touch, as well as a new program called MangaStudio 5 and I'm learning how to use both at the same time. This means that in addition to my normal works, I have pieces here done partially in, or completely with the tablet. You may see a learning curve, but I think I've progressed fairly well...

Point of fact, the image with the unicorn is the SECOND serious attempt at a full picture drawn and colored completely in Manga Studio 5 using the tablet, and the stormtrooper Wortortle is the very first!

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(this is a collage of the elements used to make the specialty booklet that went with Marcs CD - you can see the cd cover in a separate Gallery)