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CD Covers for Marc Gunn:

This was the first cover I did for Marc, and it was certainly a learning experience. It's a 2 panel cover.

Second cover I did for Marc, this was was extremely last minute as he had thought his previous artist had fallen through for whatever reason. It turned out not to be the case, but he still used this cover (in addition to the originally planned cover) for a limited quantity run. This was also a 2 panel cover.

The third cover done for Marc, it was to be a 4 panel cover with an odd cut and rotate that could be folded down for the interior so the entire piece could fit on a single print out shet. Because of that, I drew the art on multiple sheets of paper - background on one, foreground on another, odds and ends on others so that each thing could be more easily manipulated to find the best fit for such a loooooong piece.

This image shows the layout that had to be presented, as well as a cutaway of the primary part of the picture to show it whole as it appears as a print.

The fourth cd cover for Marc, thi sis the second time I've done a 4 panel cover. I haven't seen a physical copy yet, but it was a pretty fun (and intense) project. AND THEN, we made a special booklet to go with it. Wound up being something like 12 pages with not just lyrics but drink recipes. I made a collage of a bunch of the little elements I put into the booklet, which can be found in the 2014 Gallery