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Wand and Sword Artwork :

Because I do a lot of art work for my friend Emily Gaskill (aka Dragondoodle Aka Girl-n-herhorse of the comic The Wand and The Sword, I decided to give the art I've done it's own little page.

All characters (except crossovers of my own Outcasts characters) are copyrighted by Emily Gaskill and used with her permission.

Most of the pics done for Emily are prizes where she requested the theme, or are contest where she gave out the rules, but a few are just random gifts around the holidays or weird little inspirations a random comment gave me. One might note, Aardrin is my favorite.


(My first attempt at) Aardrin - Horseboy (Trade) & Rysta (with Aardrin) - Not Again

Calaen meets Raghnall & Lay off the Ears (with my character Tiriahn)

Gaeten - the bad guy (Prize)

Battles End - Rysta and Caelen (Prize)

Mistletoe Mishap (with my character Venn)


Aardrins Promise (Birthday Gift)

Finally Human (Aardrin) - Kiribin Prize

Dressing up (Rose and Rysta with my Avilenna and Fenyx - contest Entry)

2013 and 2014

Doodles of both Rysta and Aardrin:

The first (2013) was a contest entry for Emily, where we had to re-invision her characters as something else. I initially tried to draw it on my new Inkling. I drew the picture 5 times and every time the lines were wobbly and out of place. SUCH a wasteful investment.

The second picture, (2014) "I always wanted a pony" was my first doodle using my new new tablet - the Intuos Pen and Touch, and using a program I'd never used before - Manga Studio 5. It was a way for me to get a feel for it, but was not yet a serious attempt to draw and color yet. Still, I think it came out looking quite fun! This was for Em's birthday.

All work herein copyrighted 2001 by Nikki O'Shea