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My Outcasts Series Artwork :

Since this is such a big project, I have decided that all the finished artworks - interiors, covers, prints and just random character pictures, shall go here.

Any that are available as a print will be listed here

Find out more information about the book series and its progress here.


In 2010, I participated in an Art Showdown where you used original characters and had to follow a particular theme for each entry. I chose Avilenna and I got to the final round where I took 3rd place - probably because I made a significant mistake to the picture! I will NOT be showing that round here. But here are the rest:

Halloween Costumes: Venn & Eysah as Link & Zelda, also Evyrlinth as Venom

Outcasts in Snow: Venn and Eysah (available as a Print)

Venn & Eysah at Port Maro - Book 1 & a Rough up Cover (less then a few hours of work) of Arlyss of whom I wrote of in NaNoWriMo 2010 (got over 85k in words!)

Fenyx and Avilenna - Don't Leave (Available as a Print)

Tiriahn & Sehvia - 2nd Book (Available as a Print)

Venn & Eysah - 2nd Book (Available as a print)

AATC art and Conventional combat Cards Art

These are not, of course, counting any of the character design rough sketches I've been messing with.

Previous works

Initial finished character designs and possible interior works - however, while we'll stick to the basic designs, we've decided on a different format for the artwork...These will still be available as prints:


Stuff to come! Working on something right now! :)

All work herein copyrighted 2001 by Nikki O'Shea