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This album is not yet complete - please keep checking back for new pieces to be added.

So yeah, this album is just over 1/2 Supernatural pictures. Of these Spn pics, 1/2 of them were commissions, the portraits of Misha and Jensen were challenges to myself. (Misha took almost 10 hours to draw, and Jensen took around 11-14 hours).

All three realistic portraits are in graphite (I'm still not happy with the Castiel one, it feels like something is off about it.) The Kilted Ferret is all ink, the family crest is ink and colored pencil, and the rest are a combination of full on digital drawings, or ink drawings with digital coloring.

I do have other artworks - but not everything I've been working on can be shown off. My apologies.

This is almost everything for the year except for the 31 pictures from Inktober. I'm trying to figure out the best way to 'display' that here on the website. Until then, all the Inktober pics can be found in a special Inktober folder on my DA site.

What is Inktober? Another artist started it some years back to get over artists block (and thats what I used it for this year. Aside from commissions I haven't been doing all that much art) the only requirement being that the art could only be done in ink of some kind and you had to draw a picture a day. I took the Drawloween schedule for this year and used it to guide me for each day. Most of them are geek related, but there are also some really cute holiday themed ones mixed in. I'm thinking of making it a coloring book. Let me know if you're interested.

The 2016 Gallery is started.

Don't forget to look at my Inktober folder on my DA site.