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I was born on tax day 1977 in Dover, Deleware and grew up on Long Island, NY. I went to college at Cazenovia from 1995-1999 and graduated with two degrees in Commercial Illustration. An Associates of Applied Science and a Bachelor of Fine Arts. An amusing little tid bit about my major. By the time I graduated, there were only 8 students (my year) who were left IN the major, the rest having switched out to Graphic Design.

Currently, I reside in Nashua, NH with my Husband and Daughter.

I didn't start Dragon Press Graphics as soon as I graduated. I waited a bit, not sure I was ready. My dream, after all, was to do Comic Books. After attending some anime conventions and being obsessed with their "Artists' Alley", I took a chance and tried it out for myself. That was back in 2001.

Now I average about 4 conventions a year. Sometimes more, sometimes less depending on finances and other circumstances. At one such convention, I had my fateful run in with The Brobdingnagian Bards, and I started my first online Comic Strip.

My Current Dream is to be able to work from home, completely enmeshed in Dragon Press Graphics (and not a 9-5 job on a manufacturing floor) and to work on quite a few Comic Pieces I already have planned.

My Artistic Strengths are:
  • Mediums -
    • Black and White Inkwork
    • Black and White Pencil works
    • Photoshop Digital Coloring on top of my Inkwork
  • Subject Matter -
    • Fantasy Pieces
    • Working from Photographs
    My Artistic Weaknesses are:
    • Mediums -
      • Paint - Acrylic or Oil
    • Subject Matter -
      • Science Fiction - basically anything technical or mechanical that I have to make up.

When I have time, I also enjoy working with Pastels and oil Pastels, as well as watercolor paints (the only kind of painting I seem to be somewhat capable of) and I plan on trying to strengthen my weaknesses...but of course, thats only as time permits.

Outside of being an artist, some of my favorite hobbies include: Board games, video games, reading and writing, scrapbooking, going to conventions, etc, etc.

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