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For quite some time now, I've been working on a book. It originally started as a bit of a dabble. Then it became the idea for a comic - then I realized that I also liked how the book itself was shaping up and I didn't want to lose that, so why not do both? After all, as busy as I am, who knows how long it'll take for me to get the comic even started! This page is specifically meant for updates on that book and other information.

Outcasts is a book series of stand alone, Young Adult books, all taking place in the same fantasy setting. The main character (either viewpoint main or second main) of each book will have been a side character in the previous book, linking all the books together, but as said, you don't have to read them all to read one. Hopefully, you'll want to though!

What I hope to be unique about the series, or at least its redeeming trait, is that I don't intend the books to end the way most people expect them to. I'm not saying they won't have happy endings, they may or may not, but it may not work out the way you expect. At least, that's what I'm hoping. I want the books to have a twist to them. And I hope I have succeeded. I don't want this to be the kind of book that telegraphs how everything will end ten pages into the story.

The intent for the series so far is that it is a trilogy. I may or may not do something afterwards. Maybe some short stories or something, but right now, I'm only feeling a trilogy.

  • Book 1 - "Shadows of the New Dawn"

    Main Character Viewpoint: Eysah, a young girl who has lived her entire life in Rennsford

    Second Main Character: Venn, the mysterious stranger from outside who becomes her friend

    Main supporting cast:

    • Tiriahn, an Elfyllis Myn born in his own country and came to Camsin as a child, now Venns' friend and bodygaurd
    • Immen, of the Caman clan, one of the notorious hunter family that supports the crown, but of a more scholarly bent
    • Byress, also of the Caman clan, he is a hunter in a all the ways that Immen is not.

    Setting: The story takes place in the country and continent of Camsin, starting in Eysah's hometown of Rennsford.

    Synopsis: Eysah lives in the town of Rennsford - a town nobody ever leaves and strangers are almost never seen. It's a state of affairs the townsfolk have lived with for centuries and never questioned. But when a strange child, Venn, mysteriously shows up in Rennsford, Eysah finds herself trying to figure out why her town is so different. Before she knows it, she is embarking on a quest to solve the mystery and try to set things to the way they should be. But the danger that changed her towns' very state of existence still exists, and neither she or her companions are even aware of it...

    Completion Status: Completley written, All art done. 208 pages. Formatted files and test print has been shipped to me (7/31). Once the test print has been checked over, it shall be made available here.

    UPDATE: formatting issues, revamping interior art for proper sizing, changing the cover design, fixing formatting (issues may be because I have an old copy of Word) and adding in some new scenes to be integrated.

    Find art for sale from this book here. Currently, just a few of the black and white interior pieces from book one are here. I eventually intend on making some of these also available as color pieces.

  • Book 2 - Working Title "Ancient Stars"

    Main Character Viewpoint: Tiriahn, an Elfyllis Myn who grew up outside of his own country as the bodyguard of Venn

    Second Main Character: Sehvia, an Elfyllis Myn from his homeland, a priestess in training from the enclave he was born in, who searches for Tiriahn with purpose.

    Main Supporting Cast:

    • Caris, a priest in training who accompanies Sehvia
    • Avilenna and Andessum - twin warriors, unlucky. Andessum is hopelessly cheerful and Avilenna is always sarcastic and cynical, to keep her brother in check.
    • Tavis - a young child of one of the feared Tellys Myn, on of the few who can touch all the powers of his race that had set them apart and split the Elfyllis Myn in two to begin with.

    Setting: Tiriahn starts in Camsin, preparing for a quest that would return him to his homeland, when 4 strangers from that homeland seek him out and bring him back for an entirely different reason. A threat on their land that only he can deal with...

    Completion status: Rough draft - at least half written, if not 3/5 or more of it. No art of yet. Characters for Sehvia, Avilenna and Andessum have been designed.

  • Book 3 - No working title as of yet.

    Main Character Viewpoint - Fenyx, a trapped elemental, bound in mortal flesh.

    Second Main Character - Avilenna, with her views of her culture freshly challenged, has left her homeland for the second time of her life to travel to the land of the Tellys Myn.

    Main Supporting Cast:

    • Andessum - where she goes, he goes.
    • Myrfax, the first dwarf to appear as a character in the series, she's hoping to avoid some obligations at home.
    • This list may or may not get expanded

    Setting: Starts off in several locations - the Elfyllis Myn Homeland, the otherworld of the elementals, but eventually all converge on the Star Islands, the home of the Tellys Myn. They wind up traveling many places to help Fenyx with his curse.

    Completion Status: Rough Draft - Several scenes have been written for the intro of the book and the various intros of the companions listed so far.

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All work herein copyrighted 2001 by Nikki O'Shea