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These links feature both friends and family of mine who are also artists, as well as artists I admire.

  • NEW! Check out Kerry Gauthier at both her site: Ciarrai Studios where she'll run contests and such, as well as her Etsy shop with some of the most gorgeous creations - honestly, if I had money, I'd probably buy half her shop. At least.

  • Brendon Lyons of Chained Visions
    • If you're looking for chain maille beauties, look no further! Brendan can make Jewelry, novelty items and even CHAIN MAILLE! He does custom works and orders and attends conventions.
    • *Note: i am aware his website was down for a while. In fact, it's still down, but I have redirected this link to go to his deviantart site. While it may not have some of his latest stuff, you can use that to contact him.

  • Julie Kurasik of Create Something
    • She does portraits and digital art, many types of 2d pieces, celtic knots and more! Check her out to see all the stuff she can do!

      LINK IS CURRENTLY DOWN - I'll need to contact her and find out what happened. In the meantime, she has a DA page here: Julie on DA

  • Sharon Wood of Shadowmyst
    • Beautiful Watercolors, Photography and web designs and much more.

      LINK IS CURRENTLY DOWN - I'll need to contact her and find out what happened.

  • Adele Sessler of Meadowhaven
    • Beautiful work! She does penwork and color work - her digitals look like they were painted! She's got some illustrated novels as well as art books. A must see!

  • The Magical Fairy Art of Marjolein Gulinski
    • If you like pretty fairies, or childlike fairies, or pictures rendered in sepia tones or black and white, then you should go here! Remember, that's not ALL she has! Beautiful stuff!

  • Amy Brown Fantasy Art
    • Fantasy art and pretty fairies - check it out!
  • Dragons Den Unlimited
    • Great designs and Color work by Miguel and Alison. See them at conventions and ask for original OR Fanart pieces!
  • Meredith Dillman
    • the official Gallery of artist and illustrator Meredith Dillman, where you will find fantasy, fairies, mermaids, angels, and mythological art available as art prints, limited editions, cards, gifts, and collectables direct from the artist.
  • Novablade
    • Trish and Damiens company of mature art, gothic fantasy and other cool stuff! They often have site issues, but it ALWAYS comes back! Trust me, it's worth the wait!

  • The Art of Christen Kojnok
    • In this link, Christen provides several ways to view her work or contact her. She seems to focus on gothic style photogrpahy and digital manipulation for some very awesome pieces.

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