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I have only very recently begun learning how to knit. I guess it's not really that much of a jump from being creative in a 2 dimensional format to being able to do it in other ways, though I never believed I would be able to learn knitting simply because I Am so horrible with 3-D crafts. That, and I didn't realize I had people who could knit and were willing to teach me all around me.

So, this summer, at the very end of June, I started getting lessons from a friend while hanging around doing a Yard Sale. It was a great way to kill time and I promised her I wouldn't give up after just 5 minutes. That project was a MESS! So many mistakes and it took forever to finish it, but I was pretty proud of myself. And I realized that I was really enjoying myself!

So far I've done a handful of 'practice' washcloths with attempts at various sequences of knits, and knits and purls. I have managed to do a knit 2, purl 2 scarf on accident (it was supposed to be another practice washcloth, but my daughter decided she wanted a scarf) - so I guess you can say that's my first project. Then I did a seed stitch washcloth as my first REAL project (another practice piece, but it came out well, so I'm counting it.)

Here is a collage of my first projects/practice pieces....in each collage is a little 'history' of the piece I made and how I made it.

Currently I've just finished my first project I actually picked out for myself with the intention of making it. It's a TARDIS Scarf and so far it's coming out really well! It also introduced the concept of 'color work' to me. And that was an interesting thing to do right off the bat. I did have to rip it apart and start all over because I got the Tension all wrong, but it was worth it. I have made another collage to show it in process and completed:

I've also hooked myself up on Ravelry with the user name tuberat - feel free to look me up! As I said, I've just begun, and I still need to get the hang of Ravelry, but I've already picked out my next project from that site - a set of fingerless gloves! I am working on the second glove now!

As I was posting my projects on my facebook, my friends from various circles would comment with encouragement as well as advice and they decided to make a special Facebook group for us - these are people who didn't know each other, they just knew me (for the most part) and the group is small, invitation only, called Geeky Knitters. If you're a knitter yourself, I highly recommend doing something like this. it's been a great way to post our projects and interests without overloading the rest of our F-List....and when I had my first "Oh now! What did I do???" I posted a pic of it to my group, and had a phone call within minutes walking me through how to fix it!

( Because of the Geeky Knitters group, I have been inspired to make a little logo ( you can see one version of it at the top as the header to this page) - and I've put it up on Zazzle as designs on bags and bumper stickers (so far), but I've also made over sized bookmarks out of them that I make personally and sell at my conventions. I've even knitted tassels out of my practice yarn in various colors so people can pick which they'd prefer to have on their bookmark. Of course, the tassels can be used for other things, like phone fobs, etc...After my con season is over (last show of my year is this November) I'll put these up in my Etsy Shopin case anyone is interested.

Thanks for taking a look at my newest obsession!

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