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How to help an Artist - Me! Read on:

In General lately, life has been hitting me hard financially. I've been having trouble paying my bills so I can get groceries, and sometimes even the groceries are up in the air.

Then, there's this: (8/22/2012)

There's a local show in october that I got accepted into that I finally got the invoice to send my entry payment for - & the money I had set aside for it has been used for groceries, twice over! It's not just for me, my daughter looks forward to this event every year (more so this coming year because she wants to sell stuff WITH me, and this is the sort of thing I want to encourage in her. It helps her math, and teaches the value of a dollar, etc.)

Payment is due very soon (exact time has not been disclosed yet, but the invoice was recieved last night while I was working) and so I need help. How can you help? Donations - with a twist!

I will either refund your money sometime in the next couple of months OR you can purchase some of my art (premade or custom) up to the value of the donation you have given. Your choice. Just make sure to email me with what you want.

Now, I only need to make $125 dollars to get to the event, but even before this, I was trying to offer special deals on custom art to raise money so I could do things like plan my kids birthday part, go grocery shopping before the end of the month, etc, etc.

The deals are $35 for an 8 1/2 x 11 Ink only piece or half price (aka $50) for the same size, full pencil portrait. If you are interested you can use the button below and then just tell me what you want through email.

In advance, I'd like to thank everyone for their help! I know things are tight on everyone...


Send email to:


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